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Workplace Wellbeing

Freedom from anxiety & stress

Are you feeling unwell at work?

Have you been experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, insecurity, fear, stress, fatigue, muscle tension, pain, and overall negativity?

Are you dealing with chronic illnesses, perhaps even prolonged conditions or burnout?

Or are you a manager in a company/organization and have started to notice such symptoms in yourself or your staff?

Then it is crucial to intervene in this development immediately and turn it around.

Why this course?

In the last three years, about 6,500 individuals have sought assistance from the Active Occupational Training Fund due to health-related issues that have led to incapacity for work for a longer or shorter period.

This amounts to about 8 individuals per active day in these three years – can this be? Unfortunately, yes.

Stress, anxiety, fatigue, pressure – all these symptoms are likely familiar to us, and we may even be on a journey that we are not fully aware of until it's too late.

With this course, Sara aims to contribute her part and introduce methods that have proven effective for many in dealing with the challenges of daily life.

What is available?

  1. Lectures for companies/organizations

  2. Shorter and longer courses for workplaces

  3. Online courses for individuals/staff"

Lectures and short courses always conclude with guided meditation. Longer courses and the online course come with a package of meditations that can be listened to again and again.

You will learn:

  • To understand what influences your well-being

  • To halt potential negative developments in health

  • To manage your thoughts and thus manage your well-being

  • What it takes to achieve freedom from stress and anxiety

  • To use meditations that accompany the course

The course is for:

  • Leaders and managers who care about the well-being of their staff

  • Anyone who wants to take on a role of influence and responsibility and contribute to the satisfaction of employees in a healthy workplace

  • Anyone who wants better results, feel better, and gain freedom from stress and anxiety, whether at home or in the workplace.

About the course

In the course, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What influences our well-being, health, and success in the workplace?

  • What causes anxiety, discomfort, and stress in the workplace, which can even result in burnout or resignation?

  • Do I have anything to do with this myself, or is it all about how high my salary is, my freedom, or working conditions?

  • How can we prevent discomfort, stress, and burnout and achieve freedom and well-being at work?

  • Is it possible to be free from stress and anxiety at work and feel good every day? How?

Plus: The wonder tool, "mindfulness in the workplace," which can reduce sick days by 76% and multiply well-being and job satisfaction!

The Wonder Tool: Mindfulness in the Workplace

- Subscription for workplaces

Do you know that studies have shown that mindfulness in the workplace can reduce employee sick days by up to 76% and significantly increase the productivity and profits of the company?

Did you know that research has shown that regular mindfulness in the workplace can reduce employee absenteeism by up to 85%, increase productivity by up to 120%, and improve quality management by 240%?

Mindfulness in the workplace has increasingly found its place in workplace cultures worldwide, not least due to the crucial research findings on the success of companies and institutions that implement such a culture into the workplace.

Sara Pálsdóttir is a true master when it comes to guided meditations aimed at eradicating the roots of anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, self-doubt, traumas, self-destruction, insecurity, fatigue, and tension.

Sara offers the subscription package "Mindfulness in the Workplace," which consists of a set of short 10-15 minute guided meditations that are incredibly effective and tailored to create well-being, relaxation, peace, health, and prosperity in the workplace.

For those interested, the first step is to book a consultation at - then we can find the right solution for you and your colleagues together.

„I am back to being as I was many years ago,,



Sara Pálsdóttir

Sara Pálsdóttir is a pioneer, guide, and therapist. After gaining freedom from serious conditions such as addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, insomnia, muscle inflammation, and chronic pain herself, Sara now works to help people achieve freedom from anxiety and other negative symptoms with great success.

In particular, individuals facing burnout, fatigue, and those granted sick leave due to these issues often seek Sara's guidance. Anxiety, stress, pressure, overthinking, obsession, worry, self-destruction, etc., are among the main roots of this problem in individuals' mental well-being.

„Sleep has improved, and energy and strength have returned,,

The objectives of the course:

  1. Participants learn to understand what influences our well-being.

  2. Participants learn to control their own thoughts and acquire a healthy mindset.

  3. Participants acquire knowledge of the most effective methods available to achieve freedom from stress, anxiety, and tension.

  4. Participants can experience joy, strength, and well-being both at work and at home.

  5. Participants learn to practice regular mindfulness and understand its benefits.


The price for the online course is ISK 59,000.

Included are at least 4 hours of educational content, effective tools and techniques to control your thoughts and well-being, a variety of guided meditations to help you achieve freedom from anxiety and stress, and enhance well-being at work and at home.

Access is always open, and you can watch the content repeatedly.

Most trade unions reimburse the course fee.

Prices for lectures, shorter and longer courses held in companies and institutions vary depending on the scope of the service. Inquiries and bookings can be made at

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